HEATBOSS heating control system

Heatboss has been specifically designed to improve the heating efficiency within existing buildings by ensuring that the heating is only used when and where it is needed, and only to the temperatures that suit each room and that these target temperatures are accurately maintained. Heatboss comprises hardware (including the hub, the boiler controller, the wireless … More HEATBOSS heating control system

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Unit at Leisure Centre

The Leisure Centre is a building with a traditional construction, built in the late 1970’s with a total floor area of 2542m2. The facilities available at the Leisure Centre include a swimming pool, spa, sauna, gym, changing facilities and office accommodation. A single Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit powered by natural gas, 4 stroke … More Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Unit at Leisure Centre

Retrofit Office with Integrated Intelligent Lighting System

The Redwood system was installed on one floor of one wing of the building, with an area of 472 m2 lit by 116 light fittings.  An almost identical area directly below served as a control space – both areas were monitored.  Energy savings were expected from two sources: from the improved efficiency of the lamps, … More Retrofit Office with Integrated Intelligent Lighting System

Photovoltaic Installation in Alley Theatre

Installation of a 20Kw Photovoltaic electric generation system on the roof of the Theatre Complex. The system converts the radiation from the sun into useful electrical energy which is consumed by the normal day to day operations in the building. The amount of energy generated varies depending on the cloud over and the time of … More Photovoltaic Installation in Alley Theatre