LED lights by LedLux

The company Ledlux Sp/f specializes in light retrofit using high standard LED light. Several larger buildings have been retrofitted and old fluorescent tube light has been replaced by LEDs. This has resulted in substantial decrease in electrical consumption. Replacing conventional light by LED light has several benefits: the electrical consumption often reduces to on third … More LED lights by LedLux

Outdoor light retrofit

In the courtyard in front of the office building of Umhvørvisstovan (Environment agency) the lighting had deteriorated and many masts were disfunctioning. During the winter 2016/17 the heads of the light masts were replaced with LED light units. The new LED lights consumption is 20W per mast compared to the old bulbs using 70W without … More Outdoor light retrofit

Ground source heat-pumps

Heat-pumps are energy efficient as they use a small amount of electric energy to transfer a larger amount of heat from the environment into the house. Heat-pumps replace oil burners and thus required heating energy is transformed from fossil fuel to electricity which is mainly produced by renewable resources. The official policy in the Faroe … More Ground source heat-pumps