Exploring airtightness of a building

In the Faroe Islands, a local company called Hitamyndir (Heatpictures) has a service that can reveal the airtightness of a building and identify where cold air may penetrate into the warmer inside of the building.

The service uses blower door test equipment in combination with thermal imaging infrared cameras. Using a powerful fan (the blower) in the door the air is pulled out and an under pressure is created inside the room or building. This forces cold air from the higher pressure outside to flow through all holes, cracks and openings and this is clearly seen on the thermal image.


Measures can be taken to make the building more energy efficient by reducing the exchange of warm inside air and cold outside air.

The airtightness of a building is important to make it:

  • more energy efficient by reducing energy consumption due to air leakage
  • more comfortable by avoiding drafts caused by cold air leaking in from the outside
  • avoiding moisture condensation problems
  • easier to control mechanical ventilation to provide acceptable indoor air quality

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