Onsite Energy Managers

An embedded energy specialist is a program run by Efficiency Nova Scotia. Through this program an organization, like a university, school, or municipality can hire a full-time employee to focus on reducing their energy consumption. An embedded energy specialist will:

  • focus their complete attention on energy management activities
  • build a business case for energy efficiency projects
  • help the organization develop and execute an energy management plan
  • help the organization identify funding and obtain incentives and rebates for energy saving projects
  • track, measure and verify energy saving results
  • benchmark the organization’s energy use and savings against similar organizations

That’s when the benefits really begin. Improved energy efficiency makes your organization:

  •      Less expensive to operate
  •      More comfortable to work in
  •      More environmentally friendly
  •      More competitive

This has allowed for some major institutions in Nova Scotia to find significant energy savings through a reliable energy efficiency expert. Cape Breton Regional Municipality has worked with David Brushett, an Onsite Energy Manager for nearly three years. Since his work began, David has helped the municipality cut its energy use by 15 per cent.

onsite 2

Video of Capital Health, where they have been working with an embedded energy specialist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHwozBoeNT0

Video of Dalhousie University, where they have been working with an embedded energy specialist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDqMaYGscuk

More information on Efficiency Nova Scotia’s website: https://www.efficiencyns.ca/energy-planning-management/onsite-energy-management/

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